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Whether you are home or Away in party vacation Feed your Pet Cat Dog anytime from Anywhere  Made manufactured in India


AUTOPET C70 Wifi Remote Feeder (CAT & KITTEN) iOS & Android app control
  • NEVER MISS A FEEDING, Right Quantity at the Right Time: 
  • compatible with CAT FOOD, food size of 3-7MM tested with all major India & International Cat Food Brand. 
  • Suited for - Small Semi Soft & semi Moist Kibble Size generally is the Cat Food
  • Android & iOS App- schedule meal plan or Control dispenses from your office or even during vacation - when not at home.
  • Suited for - Small Semi Soft & semi Moist Kibble Size generally is the Cat Food
  • Quantity control from 5 grams to required quantity as per your pet age, weight and requirement.
  • 35% on Saving on Food Wastages 
  • 1 Year Warranty with Free Pick Up & Replacement.
  • Select D Series for big size Food/kibble usually dog food size
  • Option available to increase storage by 2.5KG (extra10-12 Days) by opting for extender.
  • Standard you get 150 Grams Food Tray, can opt for 250Grams Capacity Tray for big meal size and grown up Pet.
  • Standard Storage of 3KG enables 20-25 days automatic feeding as per your Pet Age & size. You can opt for extender of 2.5KG additional 10-15 Days.
  • 1 Button- with 3 action ON/OFF/PAIR 
  • iOS or Android App
  • Remote APP control to feed your Lovabel Pet Dog Cat directly from your mobile app
  • Control your pet's meal time/ view schedule remotely using app.
  • receive notification on each dispense from anywhere using your smartphone
  • integrate with Alexa or Google home.  
  • supports IFFFT, Smart things to offer higher flexibility to the customer. 
  • Remote Control- required Autopet to be connected with your Internet Wifi.
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  • Help to control body weight of you Cat 
  • Achieve good eating habits which will allow them to live a long and healthy life with you
  • Health Management by superior control on quantity Dispense
  • Avoiding overeating.
  • 30% cost saving on food every month due to wastage of extra dispense by conventional GRAVITRY FEEDER.
  • Keeps your food Fresh in air tight container.
  • We Take Our Warranty Very Seriously - Specially Designed conveyor for clog free performance and tested 10,000 hours with dry food and semi-moist food
  • Angular Dispense test. To make sure food don’t spill.
  • Dispense test, 2000 dispense test to gauge the minimum Approx. 5Grms CAT Food 
  • Sound test to keep the Device sound during dispense as min as Phone Vibration
  • pet-proof dispenser keeps prying paws from sneaking food Away
  •  Life expectancy: Tested result of more than 5 years with 1 Year of manufacturer warranty*
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Autopet C70 Wifi Remote CAT Kitten Feeder / Dispenser

₹10,499.00 Regular Price
₹7,499.00Sale Price
  •  1 Year of manufacturer warranty* All autopet products and its content are registered ,register warranty by email on ready policy for more details.

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