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WiFi Remote Automatic Cat Food Feeder App Control

C70 Designed & Tested with all Major Cat Food Brand Compatible CAT & Kittens (Small & Dry/Semi moist Cat Food) WiFi Remote App Timer

WiFi iOS Android App Remote Control
Suitable For:
Cat Food/Kibble size of 3-7MM
Cat & Kitten, Small Semi Moist/Dry
Tested with all major Brand Cat Food
Unlimited meal/Day 

Auto Control
1 Button on Device (ON/OFF/PAIR)
Remotely Control via App
Set/View Meal plan anywhere
Get notification to maintain diet
Alexa Support

Food Storage
Standard - Max 3KG With Extender-Max 5.5KGStandard Food Tray -150 grams
Operational Spec:
-20°C -°60C (220V AC)
Position Flat surface
WiFI 2.4GHZ,Remote Control Via Internet

Weight Size 
Standard: 32CM X 21CM X 18CM)
With Extender: 47CM X 21CM X18CM
1.3- 2.2KG, 3MM Thick Conveyor 

Power & Design :4KG Torque Motor, clog free Dispense Push Fit Top Lid/Plate Angular Dispense 37 Deg.

2.5KG Storage Extender & 250 Grams Food Tray available.
autopet C70  Cat kitten at automatic cat food dispenser no food wastage compared to gravity



Control Meal Size


Plug & Play




On Device Control


Wireless Control




FREE PICK UP Warranty Support*



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feed your cat automatically WiFi Remote control pet feeder by autopet
Control From Anywhere

Autopet C70 Wifi Remote Automatic Cat food Dispenser, enables you with power of controlling rescheduling the timer and the quantity from you mobile app from your office, or in holiday or when you are away, in short from anywhere you can remotely control

autopet C70 Smart automatic cat feeder with timer dispenser  Controlled Quantity at set time saves 30%  food wastages
Get Notification 

Autopet Wifi Remote Automatic Cat food feeder, enables you to get notification on mobile with each scheduled food portion is dispensed to your Cat as per your your set frequency to keep you well informed about you pet feeding.

autopet wire pet feeding as per set time integrate with existing iot  device
Unlimited meal/Day 

Autopet C70 WiFi remote Feeder for Cat enables you full flexibility to choose unlimited no. of mean dispense /day with no limitation unlike C20/C50(1-8 Meals)  and all you to control form 5 grams (suitable for Kitten for small quantity dispense) - to required quantity (for 3-13 MM kibble) based on your  Cat age, weight or diet requirement

Automatically Feed your Pet  CAT/DOG with care

autopet C70  Cat kitten at automatic cat food dispenser no food wastage schedule meal remotely
Integrate other iOT device

Autopet technology believe to keep simplicity and highly compatibility for our customer - hence, Autopet supported app can add any other WiFi devices in the same app or even you can connect with nest, IFFFT ,smart Things to use 1 single all to control all your smart devices.

autopet suitable for kitten automatic cat feeder WiFi control and monitor food dispense from android app remotely
Dispense History

Autopet Remote Wifi Cat Feeder customer, will also have the accessibility to check and verify the feeding history to better gauge if any feeding is been missed due to electric outage or to calculate the quantity in future based on the history as per the diet requirement.

automatic food dispenser for cat saves money against wastages & over eating of cat compared to  gravity feeder
Alexa & Google Home support

Autopet Remote Wifi Feeder for Cat , Last but not the least- can seamlessly be integrated or paired with your Alexa or google home for voice command or to build the interconnected automated devices or auto feeding based on IF & But condition. 

ios/android 1-click App

Detailed On Device Screen

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