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Advanced Wireless Automatic Cat Dog Food Dispenser
C50 Designed & Tested with all Major Cat Food Brand suitable for for feeding CAT & Kittens (Small & Dry/Semi moist Cat Food)  Wireless "Automatically"
Display + Manual+ Wireless Control
Suitable For:
Cat (3-7MM) & Dog (up to 13MM)  Food/Kibble size. Big & Hard , Small Semi Moist/Dry Tested with all major Cat & Dog food Brand. (1-8 Meal/Day)

Auto Control
OLed Detailed Display
Wireless Mobile Laptop Control
Set/View Meal plan on PC/Mobile
Local wireless Control(no Internet Req.)

Power & Design :
DC Adapter (9V)
4KG Torque Motor, clog free Dispense
Push Fit Top Lid/Plate
Angular Dispense 37 Deg.
Operational Temperature:
-20°C -°60C 
Position Flat surface
DC Adapter 12V
Wifi 2.4GHZ,Wireless Control

Weight Size 
Standard: 32CM X 21CM X 18CM)
With Extender: 47CM X 21CM X18CM
1.3- 2.2KG, 3MM Thick Conveyor 

Food Storage
Standard - Max 3KG With
Extender-Max 5.5KG
Standard Food Tray -150 grams

2.5KG Storage Extender & 250 Grams Food Tray available.
autopet d50  dog pup at automatic dog food dispenser no food wastage compared to gravity
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Control Meal Size


Plug & Play




On Device Control


Wireless Control




FREE PICK UP Warranty Support*





autopet d50 Smart automatic dog feeder with timer dispenser  Controlled Quantity at set time saves 30%  food wastages
autopet wire pet feeding as per set time
autopet d50  dog pup at automatic dog food dispenser no food wastage compared to gravity
ON Device Full Control

Autopet Advanced Automatic Dog food feeder, have addition Small detailed LED display on the device and 3 button offer full  Time, Control, rescheduling view meal schedule etc, also offer wireless control, from connected  device using browser.

Wireless Mobile Control

Autopet Advance D50 Feeder is capable of controlling the device wirelessly, just connect to the network spread by autopet and open chrome browser & type in the address to access all setting, scheduling, viewing the existing schedule and even start or stop. "No internet is required for this local wireless control".

Schedule 1-8 Meal/Day

Easy to schedule 1-8 meal dispense/ day. very useful incase of special diet management or as per the prescriptions of vets for maintain weight, activeness of Dog Or Cat. For each dispense you can decide upon your daily Pet diet D50 Offer you to control the food dispense from 5 grams- to required quantity (for 3-13MM kibble) which enables you to even control min qty for small Kitten & Pup.

Automatically Feed your Pet  CAT/DOG with care

autopet suitable for pup automatic dog feeder
Wireless Laptop Control

Autopet Advanced feeder for Dog,  enables the control via & laptop or desktop. doing work suddenly realizes to feed or schedule or to check the scheduled. just connect you Laptop WiFi network to autopet > Open the Browser > type in the autopet address > you have all control in front of you to manage.

100% automatic controlled dog feeder
Super Smooth UI

Autopet Advanced feeder have  descriptive control panel for easy setting with User Interface as simple as setting alarm. thanks for latest 2.5GHZ wifi Technology. just few clicks and you are ready to go.

automatic food dispenser for dog saves money against wastages & over eating of dog compared to  gravity feeder
Fast & Flexible Control

Autopet Smart or advanced Feeder, docent need any internet, and works smooth and fast as there is no internet dependent control.  Just choose the Schedule no, Schedule dispense Timer and Days. and just hit Sync. it will update you device less than 1 secs with the new setting you pushed.

Detailed On Device Screen

ios/android 1-click App

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